Dis|mu|ta|se [ Dismutation u. -ase], die; -, -n: Superoxid-Dismutase.

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  • Dismutase — A dismutase is an enzyme that catalyzes a dismutation reaction. Examples Formaldehyde dismutase Superoxide dismutase External links Dismutase at eMedicine Dictionary Categories: OxidoreductasesOxidoreductase stubs …   Wikipedia

  • dismutase — Generic name for enzymes catalyzing the reaction of two identical molecules to produce two molecules in differing states of oxidation ( e.g., superoxide d.) or of phosphorylation ( e.g., glucose 1 phosphate phosphodismutase). * * * dismutase see …   Medical dictionary

  • dismutase — noun Any of several enzymes that catalyze dismutation reactions …   Wiktionary

  • dismutase — …   Useful english dictionary

  • Superoxide dismutase — For other senses of the term SOD/Sod, see Sod (disambiguation). Superoxide dismutase Structure of a human Mn superoxide dismutase 2 tetramer.[1] …   Wikipedia

  • Formaldehyde dismutase — In enzymology, a formaldehyde dismutase (EC number| is an enzyme that catalyzes the chemical reaction:2 formaldehyde ightleftharpoons formate + methanolHence, this enzyme has one substrate, formaldehyde, and two products, formate and… …   Wikipedia

  • Superoxyde dismutase — Pour les articles homonymes, voir SOD. Structure tetramérique de la Mn SOD humaine …   Wikipédia en Français

  • superoxide dismutase — noun an enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of superoxide into hydrogen peroxide and oxygen oxygen free radicals are normally removed in our bodies by the superoxide dismutase enzymes • Syn: ↑SOD • Hypernyms: ↑enzyme * * * ˌdis¦myü(ˌ)tās noun… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Superoxid-Dismutase — Superoxiddismutase Modell des Dimer der menschlichen zytoplasmatischen SOD nach PDB …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • superoxide dismutase — superoxide dismutase. См. супероксиддисмутаза. (Источник: «Англо русский толковый словарь генетических терминов». Арефьев В.А., Лисовенко Л.А., Москва: Изд во ВНИРО, 1995 г.) …   Молекулярная биология и генетика. Толковый словарь.

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